Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Announcing NNN Syndication

by Kyle Michaelis
Getting with the times, the New Nebraska Network is now available on syndication at this site. That means you can now access NNN posts on MyYahoo, MyMSN, or any number of readers and aggregators. If none of that means a thing to you, don't worry - not a things changing to the main page (at least until I figure out how to make it more aesthetically pleasing). I'm sure it's 100% apparent that I'm still learning as I go. Stick with us. Spread the word. We'll figure this thing out one way or another.


Anonymous R.F. said...

Ohhhh my god. This is freaking amazing !!! When will the Podcasting begin ?

Pump up the volume Harry.

Death to Videodrome... Long live the new flesh !


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