Thursday, June 09, 2005

A New Era for Nebraska Democrats

by Kyle Michaelis
The Nebraska Democratic Party has unveiled its new website, and - I must say - it's pretty impressive. Not only is the site more attractive than its predecessor but it also takes some giant technological leaps that should make for a more responsive organization and a more vibrant Democratic community.

The NDP has already proven itself just slightly ahead of the curve in Nebraska with its original blog,home to much interesting and worthwhile discussion over the last 6 months, but this new site, incorporating the all-new "Blog for Nebraska" (which continues to be tweaked and improved), seems poised to take all that promise to the next level.

Probably even more exciting than the new blog, however, is the Event Center, where Democrats will be able to come together and arrange all sorts of community-building events. This is obviously an idea inspired by the Meetups that caught on in cities across the country last year, minus all the annoying distractions of that commercially-driven site.

Of course, more than bells and whistles, the most essential feature of the NDPs new site is obviously the information it provides. Under the About Us section, you can find bios of the staff, as well as the contact info of state officers. Meanwhile, there is also an absolutely essential breakdown of the registration numbers, upcoming elections and more for every county in the state. It's a wonderful and very engrossing resource that reminds us all of how much is at stake and how much work remains, even while proving that - despite belief to the contrary - there are proud Democrats in every corner of Nebraska.

So, explore the site, check out the blog, and be sure to read up on some of those county-by-county breakdowns. We've got work to do. This NDP website, no matter the hype surrounding any new technology, isn't going to perform miracles, but it could very well be a spark. Then, it's up to us - by our passion and commitment - to keep this flame alive and make it thrive anew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I "explored" the site a couple of days ago and the blog. I noticed something very troubling...our executive director Barry Rubin, one of our party's leaders, using racial slurs when referring to Carlos Castillo....Our party just can't learn. Then he tried to justify it by saying it was an "internal blog". Should that matter? Does that mean that he talks like that in private all the time but in public he tries to watch his mouth? To me that is straight up bigotry and should not be tolerated by the party leadership of either party.


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