Saturday, September 24, 2005

Daub Dabbles Again in NE Politics

by Kyle Michaelis
"Like a bad penny...."

Over at the UNO Democrats' Blog a few weeks ago, there was a discussion about former Congressman and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub's sudden resignation as head of the American Health Care Association, a chief lobbyist for the nation's elderly care/assisted-living industry.

It seemed from the World-Herald's report that the AHCA hadn't been too disheartened to see Daub depart ("there was mutual agreement that the group needed new leadership"). Nevertheless, talk of Daub re-entering the political fray in Nebraska began immediately.

Now, it seems those predictions had some merit. According to today's Lincoln Journal-Star, Daub planned to attend the Nebraska Republican Party's state central committee meeting today, expecting to assume the title of National Committeeman:
“I want to do what I can to assist the Nebraska Republican Party in being well-positioned to succeed,” Daub said Friday in a telephone interview.

That includes effective fund-raising, aggressive recruitment of candidates and successful voter registration efforts, he said.

“I offer my background, training and network of connections (for) what I think is a pivotal year for Republicans in Nebraska and nationwide,” Daub said.

Daub certainly is well-connected, so he's probably the ideal man for this sort of coronation so long as he is kept as far away from voters as possible. Over the course of Daub's career, he has become increasingly noxious and grating to Nebraska voters...his oily demeanor failing to make up for his generally toxic personality.

Still, qualities like that can come in handy behind the scenes. Daub's main task next year is going to be keeping money flowing to Republican candidates no matter who comes out of their increasingly convoluted primaries. With a job like that, assuming no truly divisive split fractures the party, a lot of favors can certainly be earned.

Who knows? We may not have seen the last of Hal Daub at the ballot box after all. Even if voters have rarely been so happy as when they've been rid of him, memories are sometimes short and money can do amazing things.


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