Sunday, October 09, 2005

Tell Fortenberry & Terry to Return DeLay's Dirty Money

by Kyle Michaelis
Thanks to JoEllen Polzien for forwarding this to me:
Congressional Republicans in Nebraska took $28,308 from Tom DeLay.

Tell Nebraska Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

On Tuesday, I told you about a petition we've launched telling House Republicans in Nebraska to return DeLay's dirty money. Since then, Republicans across the country have faced an avalanche of press, with more than 20 stories in local and national outlets that question their financial ties to the indicted leader they served so loyally for so long.

This was due in no small part to people like you making a simple demand that House Republicans keep the proceeds of DeLay's pay-for-play politics out of their races.

We need to keep up this momentum. We need more national and local papers to put the press on their elected officials to stand up for the American people...and not their man, Tom DeLay.

I am asking you again to please sign this petition. Every American who adds their name turns the pressure up another notch. Join the tens of thousands of people who told their local House Republicans DeLay's Dirty money must go!...

We can send a warning to all the rest of the Republicans that America will not stand by while they continue operating on Tom DeLay's influence-peddling status quo.

We can't let up. Add your name and tell your House Republicans to clean up their act and return DeLay's dirty money...

Thanks for standing up.

John Lapp
Executive Director, DCCC

For a fairly succinct run-down on the recently-indicted DeLay's crimes against democracy, check out No matter what side you fall on the ideological spectrum, DeLay's despicable conduct angers and offends. For our Congressional representatives to remain complacent (and complicit) on this matter is simply shameful.

Jeff Fortenberry and Lee Terry - for once, rise above the partisan fray and just do the right thing. Give DeLay's dirty money back and reject, once and for all, the corruption and influence-peddling he has made so commonplace in the halls of Congress.


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More from the DCCC:

What Was DeLay Indicted For?

One of the favorite talking points for the dwindling number of defenders of Tom DeLay has been that nobody can even explain the accusations against him. Actually, the specific charges are not so complicated: conspiracy, money laundering, and conspiracy to money launder. The allegations run something like this: Tom DeLay wanted to sweep the Texas State House, and he set up a PAC (Texans for a Republican Majority, or TRMPAC) to fund the takeover with corporate donations. The problem was that Texas law specifically forbids the use of corporate money, so one of TRMPAC's cute moves to get around the law was to send $190,000 in corporate money to the RNC, then have the RNC send back the exact same amount in non-corporate money. Thus the money would be "clean." A report out today from the Washington Post has DeLay's lawyer admitting that DeLay was informed that one of his indicted employees sent the money to Washington, and most of the evidence has not even been seen yet. Thus the money would be "clean."

Where it gets complicated is when one steps back to see what this was all really about. The actions performed by DeLay and his PAC resulted in a tidal wave of money that allowed Republicans to take the Texas State House majority for the first time in decades. They quickly went to work on legislation that benefited those same corporate contributors, but there was one priority even higher than that. Just two years after a new redistricting map for US Congressional districts had been passed, the Republicans got to work passing another one. This one was scientifically designed, using computer models to determine the most Republican-favorable arrangement of districts possible - a map worked out by DeLay himself, along with help from Karl Rove and some of the same aides now indicted along with DeLay in Texas. The map would ultimately result in at least five Democrats having their districts taken out from under them.


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