Monday, December 05, 2005

Black Monday

by Kyle Michaelis
Word is in that today is set to be "Black Monday" for Nebraska's poor, elderly, disadvantaged, and student populations. Yes, Governor Dave Heineman is expected to announce his tax cut proposal, which is almost certain to test the limits of irresponsible governance for the neglect it implies for state services and citizens in need.

Of course, Heineman is following in the fiscally-reckless and politically-charged footsteps of his fellow Republican gubernatorial candidates, Tom Osborne and Dave Nabity. In the quest for votes, I fear the lengths these characters will go to out-do one another in promising the largest tax cuts may well prove unfathomable.

Despite Nebraska's looming budget shortfall, the time may well have come for reasonable, targeted tax cuts benefitting working families and small business owners. But these must always be balanced with our obligations to the less fortunate and the future vitality of our state.

I sincerely hope that Heineman has kept these concerns in mind. I only wish I could be more confident that such hope is not misplaced.

We'll know more about the type of man Heineman is and the type of battle that lies before us in a matter of hours. Cross your fingers, folks. This one could get ugly.


Anonymous Mr. Wilson said...

Despite Nebraska's looming budget shortfall...

I'm confused. Nebraska has a looming budget surplus, not a shortfall. What are you basing your statement on?

Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...

We have a short-term budget surplus, according to the conditions of the day. The shortfall I'm talking about is largely a result of the spiraling Medicaid costs that, along with support for public education, are projected to eat up the entire state budget in a matter of years. People want to talk about Rainy DAY Funds....hell, I say we'd better start building an ark.


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