Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Illustrated Guide to Campaign '06

by Kyle Michaelis
(click image to enlarge)
Hope I'm not too blatantly violating anyone's copyright with this post. This illustration by Nebraska cartoonist Neal Obermeyer appeared on the cover of the Lincoln Journal-Star a few months back, and I just thought everyone in the state might enjoy it.

It's a pretty great illustration. Of course, Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Hahn doesn't look quite so much like an ewok as he does above (particularly since shaving), but the pictures of Pete Ricketts on his throne (a la Lex Luthor) and Dave Nabity in full NASCAR regalia are too priceless for words.

If I had a budget of any kind, I'd commission a whole series of these illustrations throughout 2006. As is, I just hope the Journal-Star appreciates the talent it has on-board and encourages its artists (not to mention, its writers) to try something new and be a little bit bolder in their campaign 2006 coverage. As this drawing shows, you can even have some fun with it. Politics should be fun, and it would be if the press and Nebraska voters would take it upon themselves to ask tough questions of politicians and expect nothing less than straight-forward answers, raging at even a hint of the run-around.

Honesty is not too much to ask. These people work for us (or, at least, desire to do so). Don't ever let them forget that.


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