Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Evidence of Terry Eyeing Hagel's Job

by Kyle Michaelis
Here's another bit of information I left out of last night's post remarking on Congressman Lee Terry's attempt to raise his profile for a 2008 bid for the U.S. Senate. According to, Terry's comments questioning, if not condemning, the Bush Administration and calling for the removal of "all the DeLay folks" for their corrupt style of governing were made in an exclusive interview with the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Now, tell me this...what's an Omaha Congressman thinking saying the first interesting things he's said in years to a Lincoln newspaper? Omaha has plenty of local TV news that would have gladly given him the spotlight, not to mention the mighty Omaha World-Herald. Who in Lee Terry's district reads the Lincoln Journal-Star?

Exactly. This isn't about re-election. Terry's thinking bigger and more long-term than that. And, you know what, I don't really mind because his momentary lapse of cowardice makes Lincoln's hometown (by-way-of Baton Rouge) Congressman Jeff Fortenberry sound like a sheepish putz by comparison.


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