Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One More "Republican-for-a-Day"

by Kyle Michaelis
I forgot to include Frank Graham, editor of the North Platte Bulletin, in my growing list of party-hoppers who want a say in the Republican primary on May 9th. He writes about the experience at Frankly Speaking, his personal blog.

Now, Graham was a registered independent, but he writes about a pair of prominent North Platte Democrats, Mayor G. Keith Richardson and City Councilman Dan McGuire, who have made the same decision to temporarily re-register as Republicans.

Aside from the statewide races with numerous GOP candidates, these men all have the added consideration of local Lincoln County races in which the primary is likely to be the only real vote for lack of Democratic candidates. Graham notes that contested Republican primaries exist for Lincoln County Register of Deeds, Lincoln County Treasurer, and Lincoln County Sheriff - none of which have a Democratic alternative on the ballot.

At least, they do have Scott Kleeb, an exciting Democratic candidate to replace Tom Osborne in the 3rd Congressional District, but - even there - voters might feel tempted to vote in the Republican primary where there are five candidates in the running. It's hard to blame anyone who might find one of these would-be Congressmen far more impressive than the others for changing parties to show their support...just so long as they come home to Kleeb and the Democratic Party in the general election.

Here's hoping.


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