Monday, May 15, 2006

Believe It: A Blue Nebraska

by Kyle Michaelis

My God, that's a beautiful site. The numbers are in from Survey USA's latest state-by-state tracking poll for President Bush's approval rating, and above is the picture of America as it stands today.

And, for the first time, Nebraska has joined the ranks of those rejecting the Bush Administration, disapproving of Bush's performance by a margin of 51 to 47%.

Now, despite the illustration above, this blue doesn't mean "Democrat" - not here in Nebraska, not in lots of places. But, it does mean we're sick of the lies. We've had enough of the corruption in Washington D.C. We've seen where Bush is leading our country, and it's not where we want to go.

See that blue for what you will. A sign of things to come? A desperate nation's united call for renewed purpose and a fresh vision? A thunderous, one-word question of "WHY?" that has for too long gone unanswered and, too often, not even asked?

Why 2,400 dead? Why more tax breaks for the rich? Why an energy bill that was a give-away to the oil industry as it reaps record profits on the backs of America's working people? Why a budget defecit? Why $9 trillion in debt? Why breaking faith with and abusing the National Guard? Why warrantless wiretaps? Why 50 million without health insurance?

In Nebraska, 51% are finally asking these questions. 51% are finally expecting some answers . . . and some action. That's a good sign. It's a good start. But, for now, that's all it is. It's up to us to turn this budding potential into actual progress.


Blogger Hosh said...

That would be so great if the blue really meant Democrat. Unfortunately, I'm betting that most Nebraska Republicans will think that a different Republican can do better...but then again, I also didn't think they were smart enough to elect Heineman, so I guess there is a shot.


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