Sunday, June 04, 2006

"The Omen" in Omaha

by Kyle Michaelis
President George W. Bush will be arriving in Omaha on Tuesday, also known as 6/6/6. Assuming that choking on a pretzel qualifies as a head wound, this seems like as good a chance of any for being the arrival of "the Beast" foretold by the Book of Revelations. You know, especially since God took such a hand in designing the Gregorian calendar.

Bush will be advancing his wishy-washy, hard-to-define call for immigration reform while certainly working in some jabs against those dastardly homosexuals responsible for September 11th and almost 2,500 dead American soldiers in Iraq.

Wait, somehow that doesn't sound right? Ah, but of course...this is fulfillment of prophecy; it's not supposed to make any sense.

See you on the other side? Unless, that is, we're already there.


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