Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Born with a Silver Foot in his Mouth"

by Kyle Michaelis
LIBA Luncheon - Tuesday, 09/19
Ricketts said voters "can’t keep sending back the same old career politicians to Washington and expect change."

Tom Becka Show - KFAB 1110 AM; Wednesday, 09/20
Becka (asking question sent in by listener): "Lee Terry has done less than Ben Nelson in Congress. Should we vote him out too?"

Ricketts: “Well I’m not running against Lee Terry right now, and I haven’t studied Lee Terry’s record. Though, again, I’d say, you know, look, if you think things in Washington are broken, if you think things have to change and we can’t continue to have business as usual, you can’t keep sending back the same old career politicians and expect to get change. You’ve gotta send somebody new.”

Considering that Republican Sen. candidate Pete Ricketts has made the "R" next to his name the hallmark of his campaign, one would expect him to be more supportive instinctively of his fellow Nebraska Republicans. Still, in his desperation for an effective campaign theme, Ricketts has shown his first sign of independence by suggesting voters throw the bastards out and elect new people to Congress - despite the fact that all three of Nebraska's Congressmen are Republicans.

Of course, this isn't truly an instance of Ricketts asserting his independence so much as it is guarding that $10 million investment in his campaign. Cynics and the most die-hard of Republicans will surely see shades of Senator and presidential hopeful Chuck Hagel in such self-interested manuevering, putting his personal ambitions ahead of everything else. Or, like the alternative understanding of Hagel's conduct, Ricketts might just be calling it the way he sees it - saying what needs to be said about this do-nothing, Republican-controlled Congress with only a 25% approval rating.

I must say, however, it is rather sad that Lee Terry has been Pete Ricketts' Congressman for eight years, yet Ricketts - who wants to be a U.S. Senator - can't speak to his record. I don't kow if that speaks worse of Terry as a representative or Ricketts as a citizen. Regardless, Democratic Congressional challenger Jim Esch appreciates the implied endorsement, stating in a press release this morning:
While I don’t agree with Pete Ricketts on many issues, he is right about Lee Terry. Ricketts missed his calling to run against someone ineffective, perhaps he should have considered the second congressional district primary and run against Terry. If Ricketts spent ten million looking into Terry’s record maybe he would find something significant. Finding the lack of accomplishments associated with Lee Terry is in abundant supply.

Nicely said, Mr. Esch, and - shucks - nicely said, Mr. Ricketts. Of course, Ricketts' rhetoric has very little application to Nelson's distinguished record, which has even been acknowledged by President George W. Bush, but Nebraska voters should certainly take into consideration the implications of Ricketts' statement for Terry and his First District counterpart Jeff Fortenberry.


Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

I didn't know Lee Terry had an opponent. I guess that explains those bus benches...I thought this Esch guy was a realtor or MUD Board candidate.

Blogger phat said...

This is one of the more entertaining posts I've read in awhile.

And yes, Terry's accomplishments, like his counterpart in NE-01, are best seen under a microscope.

The first time I saw Lee Terry speak was at a luncheon for new immigrants. He decided, for some reason, to use the occasion to talk about something completely unrelated and somewhat wonky.

The looks of utter confusion in the room were astonishing. It didn't help that Terry comes across as tedious and dull.

That was some fun, I tell ya.

The only reason he's a congressman is his name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody see Joe Jordon on Ch 3 ask El Hagel about Ricketts lack of a commitment to his re-eelection?

Hagel looked tupid and said "Well there's nothing with that"

Think Pete's Brain(drain)-trust would have let him know so he wasn't embarrassed.

too funny.


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