Monday, November 06, 2006

President Bush's Botched Endorsement

by Kyle Michaelis
The Omaha World-Herald quotes President George W. Bush in his Grand Island appearance yesterday, trying (and failing) to make a case for Adrian Smith's election to Congress:
"Now, it seems to me if you're sending someone from this country to Washington, you better have someone who understands what it means to be a farmer and rancher."

Sounds like someone should have done a little better job of briefing President Bush on the candidates in Nebraska's Third District Congressional race. It's quite simple:

Scott Kleeb (D)
= Fourth generation Nebraskan; Rancher with a PhD who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the history of cattle ranching

Adrian Smith (R)
= Real estate agent and failed politician who is "not known as a skilled lawmaker" and "not known as a leader"

To be honest, it's hard to blame Bush for this one. He had a big crowd and a lot of time to fill in Grand Island. The problem is that, other than being "the Republican" on the ballot, there's just not a whole lot to be said on Smith's behalf.

Kleeb responded to President Bush's de facto endorsement in a campaign press release:
Scott Kleeb agreed with President Bush today that Nebraskans need to send a Congressman to Washington who “understands farming and ranching”....

“Having worked on a cattle ranch beginning in 1998, I have the real-world experience in agriculture that Adrian Smith does not have,” Kleeb said. “Adrian Smith, on the other hand, received over $550,000 from the anti-agriculture special interest group Club for Growth.”

“They want to end all farm subsidies and eliminate the Department of Agriculture,” Kleeb continued. “If that is not a misunderstanding of agriculture, I don’t know what is.”

The Club for Growth and other out-of-state forces have stormed the airwaves with hundreds of thousands of dollars to discredit Kleeb, bombarding voters with a year's worth of lies and distortions over the course of just a few days.

In such an environment, it was good of President Bush to remind people of the importance of having an independent voice who will actually represent the interests of rural America in Congress. With Adrian Smith's dismal record and compromised values, even Bush had a hard time faking the idea that he'd really make a better representative than Scott Kleeb.

But, cheer up, Adrian - at least he got your name right!


Anonymous Ryan Anderson said...

I think it was Adlai Stevenson who said "If the Republicans stop telling lies about us, we'll stop telling the truth about them!"

Still feeling very hopeful for Kleeb.

Blogger Don Kuhns said...

Bush opened his speech by joking about ditching his wife on their anniversary to come to Nebraska and do what he does best-cheerlead-for Tweedledum and Tweedledummer. Now that's Republican family values!

Anonymous Elisia said...

Everyone, we think that our opponents are Robo-calling Dems in the 3rd district over and over to make them mad and get them to stay home. Please, pass the word, these calls are NOT from Scott... so don't stay home tomorrow! If you have received more than 2 robo calls "from Scott," please call the Kearney office so we can track it. (308) 238-0375

Blogger ScottsBluff said...

I just read that Third District Congressional Candidate Adrian Smith is stating President Bush's recent visit energized his campaign. Adrian has plenty of energy; it is intellect, widom and essence, he is lacking. Poor kid.

Blogger Don Kuhns said...

Elishia, the annoying robo-calls are part of a nationwide voter suppression campaign by the NRCC. The major liberal blogs are abuzz, and the TV media is starting to take notice. Crooks and Liars has several videos up already.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have done a great job this election cycle. I hope you continue to use your strength to help those without.

Thank you

Vince Powers
Member,Democratic National Committee

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, Bush has got to be the dumbest man ever elected president. What a statement!

Second, I really hope these robo calls don't tip the balance to Smith's favor. It makes me sick just thinking about him stealing this election.

Third, after the election I hope someone goes to jail for the voter suppression that the NRCC has been engaged in. We need to make the NRCC pay for this dirty trick.


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