Friday, May 04, 2007

While We've Been Away.....

by Kyle Michaelis
NNN's production has slowed down of late. I hope to recommit to the site for these last remaining weeks of the 2007 legislative session, but I can make no assurances in terms of quantity or quality. Amdist my distraction and neglect of this little corner of the blogosphere, I am happy to see that the UNO College Democrats and Paging Power have been doing some really excellent work picking up my self-perceived slack.

I occasionally disagree with the writers on both sites about a few issues and may have a somewhat different approach to politics. But, I'm just glad there's some progressive online discussion and criticism going on in my absence because I know there is an audience and there is a need if the prevailing mindsets in Nebraska politics are ever going to be challenged and be changed for the better.

My thanks to both sites, with sincerest hopes that they will keep up the good work.



Anonymous James Memphis said...

I'm kinda sick of these random little pissing and moaning sessions about your time and dedication to NNN. Either pack it up or quit bitchin. It seems like you are trying to put yourself up on a pedestal or something.

I do value what you bring to Nebraska politics through NNN, but let's just stick to that.

Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...

Wow, I'm sorry that noting my silence and recommending two other blogs to readers is such an inconvenience to you, Mr. Memphis.

But, the door swings both ways. You're welcome to quit reading whenever my supposed "pissing and moaning" has become to much to bear.

Blogger John said...

If I may ask you and the other two sites a favor:

Will someone talk about LB 641?

Here is a bill that breaks up OPS into three subdistricts, each with their own board. It is if the creators of this bill are ignorant of the fact that the current board can only be elected as a resident of one of the 12 existing sub-dstricts. In other words, all school board members can't be concentrated in the richest part of the city.

Besides that, what will happen when Lincoln becomes a metropolitan class city? Will they be split up this way? I doubt it.

There's more than that, but I have yet to find anyone talking about it.

Thank you for your time.


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