Monday, March 14, 2005

Hagel for President Hype

by Kyle Michaelis
Don Walton in the Lincoln Journal-Star today again returns to his favorite theme - Chuck Hagel's presidential hopes. He also mentioned Hagel's Social Security speech at UNL's campus last Monday. From Walton's column, you'd think the students came together in a circle and held hands singing Hagel's praises.

What wasn't mentioned about this event BY ANY MEDIA was that the majority of questions from the audience were skeptical to downright disdainful towards the privatization aspects of Hagel's plan, with Hagel being heckled as a liar and applause supporting a young single mother who demanded to know why our generation was being asked to take on such an incredible burden in the trillions of dollars. I also didn't see it mentioned anywhere that Hagel had bussed in select students from across the state for the speech, stacking the deck in his favor and making it seem as if students actually supported his proposal.

Hagel came and saw UNL, but he most definitely did not conquer. In fact, with the reception he got, it might be quite awhile before he returns, even with his stooge Regents Drew Miller and Randy Ferlic there to back him up. Seems like its back to the friendly confines of your local Chamber of Commerce for ol' Chuck. But seriously, good luck with those voters in New Hampshire and Iowa since that's who this whole spectacle was really for anyway.

On a happier note, Walton reports:
Ben Nelson has fallen from the top of the list of most vulnerable Senate incumbents to fourth on the National Journal's scorecard.

Nebraska Republicans lost their "A-list" challenger in 2006 when Mike Johanns left the governorship to become U.S. secretary of agriculture, the newspaper stated.

"Republicans would be so lucky to find even a second-tier challenger to the incumbent Democrat who should be the country's most vulnerable," the Journal said.

"Still, as we saw in 2000, basically any Republican who isn't a complete embarrassment can do well against Nelson," the newspaper stated.

"Nebraska isn't a state that kicks out incumbents very often, and while Nelson certainly isn't the perfect ideological match for the state, he doesn't seem to have done anything to warrant being fired."

Republican Sens. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island and Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania are ranked as the most vulnerable Senate incumbents.

Getting a good Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania to replace that smirking Golem of the Christian Right Santorum? Dare we even dream?


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