Saturday, March 26, 2005

Nelson Feeling Safe on Social Security

by Kyle Michaelis
Seems like Bush's inability to sell his privatization plan even holds true in supposed Republican strong-holds such as Nebraska. The OWH reports:
If Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson is feeling political pressure to take sides on Social Security, it wasn't apparent in meetings with Nebraska voters this week. Only one person urged Nelson to support President Bush's call for private retirement accounts.

Many expressed concerns with Bush's plan, saying they had more questions than answers about the proposed accounts. Others agreed with Nelson that solvency of the current system should be Congress' first objective.

Just goes to show, you can't fool all Nebraskans all of the time, even if they have a tendency to be fooled come election day.

Don't back down, Ben. This is an issue on which our ever-so-cautious Senator needs to lead the people rather than follow. After four years of working with Bush, Nelson has earned his stripes as a "moderate conservative." This is just the time to prove he has a bold, principled voice as well - standing WITH the people by standing UP for Social Security.


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