Thursday, March 24, 2005

Twisted World of Harold W. - Vol. 2

by Kyle Michaelis
In another not-so-subtle but incredibly pathetic jab at Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey, Andersen writes:
I read with interest that Mayor Fahey has opened a South Omaha office to carry forward his re-election campaign. The banner reads: "Vota por Mike Fahey para nuestro Alcalde," which translates to, "Vote for Mike Fahey for our mayor."

Has the Latinoization of South Omaha reached the point where a significant number of potential voters - presumably citizens of the United States - have to be urged in Spanish to become involved in an American political campaign? Don't they understand English, which used to be the linguistic glue that held American society together?

That's a rather shamelessly racist appeal for this day and age. A Spanish-language banner is now to be held as an object of ridicule? This when our schools are teaching Spanish to children of every color and background?

What Andersen doesn't recognize is that this banner isn't about language. Speaking to Latino voters in Spanish isn't a means of pandering to those who don't speak English, it's a show of respect for a growing culture and a vibrant community. If anyone's pandering here, it's Andersen, who so vilely plays on voters' xenophobia on behalf of the Republican Party.

Respect based on our common humanity and the strength we gain through diversity rather than the material BS that divides us??? These are things people like Andersen will never understand. Not because he can't - I won't disrespect him like that - but because he chooses not to.


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