Monday, March 21, 2005

Nebraska Republicans Wish Ethics Charges "Would Go Away"

by Kyle Michaelis
An OWH article today truly demonstrates how pathetic Nebraska's Congressional delegation is, with Representatives Tom Osborne, Jeff Fortenberry, and Lee Terry proving the full measure of their blind and ignorant partisanship. All admitted not knowing the facts of Majority Leader Tom Delay's reported ethics violations yet refused to allow an investigation as a demonstration of party loyalty. In fact, they've crippled the Ethics Committee and removed its chair just to shelter their disgraceful leader. Have they no shame?

"It's uncomfortable and it's something that you just wish would go away," said Rep. Tom Osborne, who represents Nebraska's 3rd District.

Midlands members, all Republicans, say they do not know the details of DeLay's case but think the issue is becoming too politicized.

Fortenberry, Terry, Osborne and Steve King, of western Iowa's 5th District, on Tuesday voted against a resolution introduced by Pelosi this week that called for creating a bipartisan commission to recommend changes to the ethics committee.

Osborne said he did so because he thought Democrats were "trying to make a circus out of it." Fortenberry objected to the timing - Pelosi called for the vote during scheduled debate on a bill to fund operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. King characterized many of the allegations against DeLay as "guilt by association."

Look at them make up any damn justification they want, all in hopes that the truth will JUST GO AWAY if they can silence it for long enough.

Perhaps the saddest thing is that Osborne is quoted saying, with no sense of his blatant hypocrisy:
"If we're going to err, we ought to err on the side of being overly safe in terms of making sure we're ethical."

Coach, you don't even know what you're saying, do you? Both your actions and your votes cotnradict your token soundbyte. You make a mockery of every Christian principle you claim to uphold for what reason? To be a whipping boy? How sad to see a hero to this state brought down to the level of your common political hack.


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