Friday, March 18, 2005

Conceal This !@#$@*!!

by Kyle Michaelis
What the world needs now is guns sweet guns?

Someone has to stand up against this conceal and carry crap. It's one of the most backwards exercises in the perversion of freedom imaginable. Remember back to the Old West, how they'd clean up towns full of crime and lawlessness - well, they'd start out by banning concealed weapons. How this nonsense has had any sort of resurrection in the public consciousness simply defies belief? Do these people really feel so unsafe? Do they really have so much contempt for their fellow man that they need to have the power to kill in their hands constantly? Then my God, take Judo classes.

At least Ernie Chambers has the sense to fight this one. That more state senators aren't willing to get on board against the so-called gun lobby is just pathetic. A vote not to end a filibuster isn't enough - nowhere NEAR enough. This is not a 2nd Amendment issue - this is common sense. I don't care where you live in this state, rural or city, this is bad law that has no place corrupting and killing our spirit of community.

From the archives, check out my somewhat different take on this noxious issue the last time it came around.


Blogger Cornhead said...

Hey, does anyone want to protest with me?

We can strap our 6-shooters on our hips and walk up and down the street next to the capital. As long as they're visible, they're legal, right? So why not poke fun of this ridiculous piece of trash legislation and make a statement?

Anyone in?


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