Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"We don't need no education...."

by Kyle Michaelis
The Unicameral had better take some action making college education affordable to Nebraska students, or this state will be in a world of hurt for years to come. Nebraska ranks a lowly 38th in need-based aid per student, as tuition costs have sky-rocketed (a sickening 74% over 7 years at UNL) and a number of rural Nebraska counties rank as the poorest in the nation. Doesn't anyone see a problem here?

Of course, what can we expect when Regent Drew Miller of Papillion, whose job it is to look out for students and protect this state's future, is too blinded by ideology to even recognize the need for need-based aid. Anyone who calls making college education affordable to lower-income students a "policy of entitlement" isn't fit for office. I hope to God voters in Miller's district wake up soon and replace this disgrace with someone remotely deserving of future generations' trust.


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