Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush's Environmental Blitzkrieg Continues (ANWR)

by Kyle Michaelis
A Democratic-led effort to prevent President Bush and Congressional Republicans from destroying the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by deceptively squeezing an oil drilling provision into the national budget failed on a 51-49 vote today. As usually the case with the Bush Administration, Big Oil got its way.

Ben Nelson stood up for the environment and against the special interests, not an easy vote when there's this much money involved, while Chuck Hagel turned his back on common sense and common decency by allowing this dishonorable, deceitful provision to pollute the entire budgeting process. A sad day, indeed.

All this for an unverified oil supply that, at best, will account for less than 2.5 percent of U.S. oil needs, while doing nothing to impact today's soaring gas prices and tight oil supplies. But, heck, why destroy later what we can deplete today? Children and Caribou be damned.


Blogger Gary Di Silvestro said...

Thank you Kyle for starting this great blog. And thank you for reporting on this important vote, which demonstrates the diffrence between the independence of Senator Nelson and the party line taken by our other Senator.

Blogger Cornhead said...

Why the hell are Chuck Hagel and the evil R's so short-sighted when it comes to the environment and creation of renewable, environmentally friendly energies?

Oh.......because of the all-mighty dollar.

I betchya Jesus would do the same, wouldn't he Fortenbury, Hagel, Osbourne, Bush, Cheney, and Terry?

Damn hypocrits.


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