Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Republicans Endorse Massive Debt and Cutting Social Security Benefits

by Kyle Michaelis
The NY Times reports:
President Bush's plan to overhaul Social Security fared poorly on Tuesday in a test vote on Capitol Hill, with the Senate splitting 50 to 50 on a nonbinding measure declaring that Congress should reject any Social Security plan that would require "deep benefit cuts or a massive increase in debt."

Five Republicans joined the Senate's 44 Democrats and one independent in voting for the resolution, a symbolic effort to demonstrate opposition to Mr. Bush's plan to allow workers to invest part of their taxes in private retirement accounts. Although the measure failed with one vote short of a majority, Senator Charles E. Schumer, the New York Democrat who has been a leading opponent of the plan, later said it was a "significant vote."

Look at our boy Ben Nelson doing his D-thing. Of course, independent-speaking but slave-to-the-Right-voting Chuck Hagel was on the other side of the fence, refusing to come out against benefit cuts and huge deficits (which he's actually proposing).

Seriously, is this the Republican Party Nebraskans love so dearly? When are the American people going to realize all that Republican talk about fiscal responsibility is a load of BS? These are the most reckless and spend-happy bunch of jokers this nation has ever seen, and that's saying A LOT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

right on, kyle. i'm getting pretty sick of this "republicans are financially responsible, democrats are spend-happy" stuff when, as of late, anyway, the opposite is undeniably the truth.
-proud democrat in lincoln


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