Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mike Foley vs. Abortion - Round 472

by Kyle Michaelis
You know, as much as I disagree with Nebraska State Senator Mike Foley's never-ending politicization of the abortion issue, I appreciate that he's at least fairly straight-forward about his beliefs. He may seem a one-issue demagogue that constantly puts his supposed religious agenda before the interests of his constituents, but maybe that's exactly what the voters of South Lincoln want. I also like the example he sets by writing a simple letter to the editor of the local paper.

At issue is whether the state of Nebraska should continue to subsidize Pap smears and chlamydia tests for low-income women at Planned Parenthood clinics. Foley claims Planned Parenthood's "advocacy and participation in the killing of unborn children" makes it unsuitable for public funding, even if that money is being directed solely to this low-income women's health program. He also complains that the nearest alternative provider under the program is in Beatrice.

His solution? Give the people choice by removing the one option they already have...

Funny logic. Foley never gets to the part where he announces women wouldn't need these tests if they'd just go to church and stop having sex outside of marriage, though I'm sure his chosen provider would be all too happy to inform their clients on such matters.

If only these people would care as much about children after birth as they do before, some truly great works might be accomplished.


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