Thursday, March 17, 2005

OWH Editorial Watch

by Kyle Michaelis
The Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska's own illustious predecessor to that den of spin the Fox News Channel, ran a delightful little editorial today insisting that should the Republicans in Congress refrain from breaking established Senate tradition by ending the filibuster of judicial nominees, the Democrats owe "a commitment to good faith in the advise-and-consent process." "Good faith" that so?

10 of President Bush's 229 judicial nominees have been subjected to the Democratic filibuster. With the lock-step voting of Congressional Republicans, this has proven the only way to prevent Bush's most ideologically and professionally suspect picks from getting lifetime appointments to the most sacred institution in the country. Notice that this sub-5% rejection rate is nothing compared to the disastrous display of democratic recklessness by the Republican Congress during the Clinton Administration, letting judicial openings reach catastrophic levels in the name of partisan warfare. Where was the Omaha World-Herald's one-sided assault on the Republicans when 60 of Clinton's picks were never put to a vote?

The Democrats owe good faith? Ha. If anything, it's the Omaha World-Herald that should finally live up to the people of Nebraska's expectation of good faith and FAIR reporting.


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