Sunday, March 20, 2005

2006- Heavy Republican Losses in the House?

by Kyle Michaelis
Not that I put much stock in the reporting of Robert Novak, the likably contemptible old codger of the Right, but his Sunday column begins with a note that should be of interest to all -
Analysts at the Republican National Committee have sent this warning to the House of Representatives: The party is in danger of losing 25 seats in the 2006 election and, therefore, of losing control of the House for the first time since the 1994 election.

Although some Republicans on Capitol Hill believe the RNC is just trying to frighten them, concern about keeping the present 232-202 edge pervades GOP ranks. The second midterm election of an eight-year presidency often produces heavy congressional losses for the party in power.

What's at work here? Is the tide turning or is this just wishful thinking? The excesses of the Congressional Republicans, especially House-Master Delay and his whipping boys, are sickening but haven't seemed to sink in with the American public. Maybe the Republicans see their blatant abuses of power starting to crack the surface and fear the repercussions.

So, do we hope that they wise up for the good of the nation or do we give them more rope to hang themselves with and threatren the fabric of our democracy? 16 seats are all that are needed to take back the House. Of course, I want to see that happen, but think about how much damage they could still do in the next 22 months. I know what they say about making an omelette, but it's not so easy when what's being broken are constitutional freedoms and the backs of working families.

This Politics is an ugly game - trust no one who says otherwise.


Blogger Cornhead said...

Dude, I fear it is wishful thinking. Until we begin winning back Congressional seats from states such as Nebraska, we can forget about taking over the House. Ostensibly we could be years and years away from sending a Democrat to the House from Nebraska.

It makes me shiver that Fortenbury will probably be able to choose when he leaves the House and the same for Lee Terry (where do we dig up these fossilized ideologues?.

And I just don't think a Democratic candidate would be able to win in the 3rd Congressional District when Dr. Osborne decides to be Governor. Not yet, anyway, not for quite a few years.


Stand up. Keep fighting.


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