Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Congratulations to Omaha & Lincoln Democrats

by Kyle Michaelis
Democrats fared well in Tuesday's Omaha and Lincoln primaries.

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey had the most impressive victory of the day, winning 60% of the vote with more than a 20-point advantage over his opponent Dave Friend. That's pretty damn impressive and points to a smooth reelection effort for the mayor.

Meanwhile, on the Omaha City Council, Democratic challenger Anne Boyle performed very well, surely scaring the hell out of her incumbent opponent, Jim Vokal, with her 48% of the vote. That one's going to come down to the wire on May 10, but I have little doubt Boyle can tip the scales in her favor, securing a Democratic majority on the city council. Republican Rick Bettger was eliminated in District 1, leaving Democrats Jim Suttle and incumbent Marc Kraft to wrangle for the seat. Keep it clean, gentlemen.

In Lincoln's City Council race, Democrats Dan Marvin and incumbent Terry Werner finished a strong forth and second place, respectively, meaning both will advance to the 6-candidate general election. Both are well positioned, needing only finish in the top 3 on May 3rd. Republican incumbent Ken Svoboda finished first, however, and seems to be the one definite lock to hold onto a seat. As is, Marvin was neck and neck with Republican Robin Eschliman, who pulled ahead for third place by an easily surmountable 300 votes. So, we're in good shape, but there's still plenty of work to be done in Lincoln leading Werner and Marvin to victory.

A quick note on the reporting of the election by the Journal-Star: their story quotes political consultant Phil Young extensively as if he were a mere observer of this election, without ever mentioning that he is the former Executive Director of the Nebraska Republican Party. Is it any wonder that he thus spins the results as failures for Werner and Marvin - Werner for not finishing ahead of a fellow incumbent and newcomer Marvin for not finishing ahead of Eschliman?

Barry Rubin of the state Dems and Justin Carlson of the Lancaster County Dems both countered this absurd expectation, but the LJS and its writers should be more careful not to allow one source the implied credibility of a nonpartisan commentator when he is nothing of the sort.


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