Thursday, March 31, 2005

Outrage Builds in Lincoln Elections - FIGHT BACK

by Kyle Michaelis
Here's a report on radio ads targeting City Councilman Terry Werner:
You might have heard the amazingly vicious and personal attacks against Terry Werner in radio ads by Scott Stewart, owner of NE Printing Center on N. Cotner. Mr. Stewart makes outrageous characterizations of Terry, including calling him the most divisive of council members. He insinuates Terry hates our military and is unpatriotic. He says Terry's leadership is "clueless" and "pathetic." And, this doesn't even begin to relate the tone of the attack.

The ads truly are a low in Lincoln politics. The scripts do not present a differing opinion on Terry's goals, policies or record. They are well-funded personal and inflammatory attacks geared to smear Terry; thus, smear all of us who believe ALL Lincolnites should have a say in what happens in our city.

And here's a letter to the editor from today's Journal-Star:
I am very concerned about the Lincoln school board race and one of the District 3 candidates...Barb Baier is a strong activist for the homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyle. I believe that she will bring an agenda to the public schools that is contrary to my values.

Next year I will have four grandchildren in the Lincoln Public Schools system. I don't want her personal beliefs used to make school policies that will influence my grandchildren.

I was concerned when I read in a Lincoln Journal Star article that she supported a gay rights march at the state Capitol. She is also a member of the Nebraska Democratic GLBT Caucus.

I also read that the Lincoln Education Association's political action committee has recommended Baier for election to one of the Lincoln Board of Education seats. I strongly oppose this recommendation. I do not want a school board member who will place a high priority on a sexual orientation agenda.

I write this to inform voters.
Darlene Moore, Lincoln

Will we let these sorts of people shape Lincoln's future? Terry Werner and Barb Baier are being attacked for nothing more than standing up and being heard against injustice. Now, we have to stand up and be heard in their defense against these vicious and insulting attacks.

Walk a precinct. Write a letter to the editor. Phone bank. Call all your friends and neighbors. Just do something for our progressive candidates. They need our voices just as much as we need theirs.


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