Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Unicam Bloggers

by Kyle Michaelis
There was an interesting article in today's Lincoln Journal-Star about State Senator's keeping in touch with their constituents via the Internet. It's such a relatively cost-efficient means of communication that it's really too bad more haven't gotten in on the act.
Philip Erdman (Dist. 47) is likely the only state senator who blogs, with a daily personal report, though a few other senators offer weekly columns, written in the first-person blogging style, and sent out through e-mail or posted on a Web page.

Erdman's daily report, which also goes out by e-mail to several hundred constituents, friends, and interested people, is a brief synopsis of the bills being debated that day, with a touch of Erdman perspective and humor.

See for yourself - that's a very, very light touch with the humor. Still, it's a nice site and I'm sure his constituents appreciate young Erdman's efforts.

State Senator Lowen Kruse (Dist. 13) also has a fairly adequate website, even if a little messy. One thing, though, his weekly column "Krusin' the Capitol" could seriously use a name change. I really don't think Reverend Kruse intends association with the activities suggested by this title (a long-standing "tradition" in Lincoln's gay community if police reports are not mistaken).

Someone please throw the guy a bone (no pun intended) and let him in on the joke - maybe he won't mind but most likely Kruse will be able to come up with something just as clever without the double-entendre.


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