Thursday, April 07, 2005

How quickly they forget....

by Kyle Michaelis
The World-Herald makes a qualified defense of gay marriage from its more ridiculous detractors in the "Furthermore" section of the Editorial Page:
A Colorado lawmaker has argued for his proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions by warning that allowing gays to wed could result in interspecies marriage. He sputtered out a couple of vague examples, including a 30-year-old publicity stunt designed to get news-media attention (it did). Hmm . . . which of his colleagues does he think will offer a bill to let the owl marry the pussycat? Using this bogeyman to press for a gay-marriage ban is both (a) funny and (b) insulting, if one can be insulted while snorting with laughter.
I agree on all accounts, but the Omaha World-Herald should perhaps be more mindful of Nebraska's even higher-ranking politicans who've made similar such statements before looking across state lines with scorn. It was only 15 months ago that Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning responded to the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in that state with:
"Does that mean you have to allow a man to marry his pet or a man to marry his chair?"
I'm sure the World-Herald can be counted on to remember such idiotic remarks as Bruning runs for re-election next year, especially with those 2006 endorsements.


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