Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Republicans Attack Marvin for Voting w/Republicans

by Kyle Michaelis
Might want to check out this previous post to develop the complete context of how far the Republican Party has stooped in Lincoln's city elections.

Well, guess what...they're at it again, pathetically targeting city council candidate Dan Marvin with a second wave of mailings attacking him for volunteering his time in service to his city:
The mailing, paid for by the Nebraska Republican Party, accuses Marvin of being out of touch with Lincoln seniors and families because he "tried to increase property taxes" through his position as co-chairman of the mayor's Streets, Roads and Trails Committee that proposed a $75 million bond issue to voters last September.

Voters soundly rejected the bond issue, 62 to 38 percent, and the Republican Party apparently thinks they'll similarly reject Marvin based on his association with the street improvement proposal. However, Marvin finished fourth out of a field of 20 in the April primary and on the day he announced his council candidacy, he proposed a scaled-down roads program that wouldn't increase taxes or require a bond issue.

Marvin said the Republicans' attack on him for serving as a volunteer on a committee - along with Republicans - charged with finding solutions to Lincoln's infrastructure problems will likely dissuade others from volunteering on such boards.

"They're just making it harder to sell all kinds of things the community needs," he said. "I've moved on after the bond; all these other people just want to keep wallowing in the darn thing."

He said it's ironic that Republicans are attacking his association with a bond issue that was endorsed by Lincoln developers and traditionally Republican-leaning groups, such as the Lincoln Independent Business Association. The bond issue was also supported by all three Republicans on the Lincoln City Council.
The charismatic and popular Marvin must have the Republican Party pretty scared. Note that Ken Svoboda, who's running in the same election, was one of those who supported the bond issue. He was quoted just Friday foolishly claiming to have stopped these absurd mailings by his own party.
Candidates were asked how they felt about ads that have been paid for by the state Republican Party and Republican individuals....

Dan Marvin, a Democrat, said he encouraged his party not to send out negative ads. "I think you have to go to your party and tell them to cut it out," he told his Republican opponents.

Incumbent Ken Svoboda, a Republican, said he did, after the state GOP sent out a postcard about Marvin before the primary election and planned another. "We got that one stopped," he said, noting that he wasn't forewarned of the initial mailing.
Sad to see the Journal-Star hasn't specifically pointed out what is either Svoboda's failure to keep his party in-line or his flat-out lie. This action by the Republican Party demands immediate public denunciation by Svoboda and his fellow "R" candidates, all of whom are otherwise reaping the benefits of the new lows to which Lincoln voters are being introduced.

Terry Werner, the lone Democratic incumbent up for election, who has been attacked as Un-American and for "hating our troops", was exactly right when he brought up at the forum reported on above that the GOP candidates have accepted donations from the very people and parties responsible for dragging Lincoln politics into the mud:
"Unless they say enough is enough," he said, "then they are as guilty as any of the people spending the money for those attack ads."


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