Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Election Results - All Aboard Fahey Express

by Kyle Michaelis

Democratic Mayor Mike Fahey had a tremendous victory over challenging Republican Dave Friend yesterday. Fahey won with over 60-percent of the vote in true landslide fashion. This one wasn't even close to being close.

Sadly, the non-partisan nature of these city races prevented Fahey from having much in the way of coat-tails. Party-control of the city council was on the line in the third district in the most costly race in the city's history. Democrat Anne Boyle failed to unseat incumbent councilman Jim Vokal, losing by about 415 votes.

The only seat to change hands was Marc Kraft's, who lost to fellow Democrat Jim Suttle. Suttle had a great bunch of Young Democrats from UNO working for him, and their efforts obviously paid off. Congrats.

All in all, Omaha voters proved to be happy with the direction the city is heading, a far cry from four years ago when Republican Hal Daub and a majority of the city council were sent packing. Fahey's can-do attitude and strong leadership have really brought a new vibrancy to city hall.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that this may be Fahey's last campaign, though Chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party Steve Achelpohl was quoted saying he hoped Fahey would take his popularity to the next level and run for Sen. Chuck Hagel's office if Hagel makes a run for President in 2008.
"We would beg, borrow and steal to run him," Achelpohl said..."He's a rock star."
Meanwhile, talk was already emerging about who might make a run for Omaha's mayor next time out - the just-elected Suttle was already being mentioned by the Democrats while Vokal was already talking himself up in the OWH to make the big leap four years from now:
Vokal emphasized in an interview that he will focus on being a strong council member, but he said a bid for mayor would be the next logical step for him if he were to continue seeking public office.
Mayor Jim Vokal???

Scary thought. Hopefully we won't regret failing to get rid of this guy when we had the chance.


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