Monday, May 02, 2005

World-Herald Endorses Democratic Council

by Kyle Michaelis
By choosing Anne Boyle over her District 3 opponent Jim Vokal, the Omaha World-Herald has given a de facto endorsement to a Democratic majority on the Omaha City Council. This comes as some surprise from this bastion of Nebraska Republicanism, but it clearly demonstrates not only the strength of Anne Boyle as a candidate but also that of the Democratic Party in Nebraska's largest city. Read their endorsement for yourself:
Anne Boyle has been a prominent Omahan most of her life. By birth and by marriage, she has been the member of families known for their public-sector involvement. From that to her own background as chairing the State Democratic Party for several years, Boyle knows her way around politics and government.

This might be reason enough for voters to consider a City Council candidate, but there is more.

In 1996, she was elected to a six-year term on the Nebraska Public Service Commission and impressively mastered the issues and procedures related to the regulation of the telephone, taxicab and warehouse industries. Re-elected in 2002, she has worked hard and won plaudits for the judgment, knowledge and effectiveness she has brought to the commission post....

Anne Boyle is a walking demonstration of how a person of judgment and intelligence, with the added advantage of her long understanding of the political process, can make a tangible contribution to good government. A vote for her would put the same talents to work on the City Council.
The OWH also mentioned some of the incumbent Republican Vokal's more embarrassing falsehoods and cop-outs, but its clear in this race Boyle can and should win simply on the strength of her own candidacy. That this race is the deciding vote for "party-control" of the non-partisan council really does take a backseat to the great victory a Boyle-win will be for the city and citizens of Omaha.


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