Friday, April 29, 2005

Stenberg Still a Republican Hack

by Kyle Michaelis
It's doubtful Nebraska has ever before seen the like of former state Attorney General and now three-time candidate for the U.S. Senate Don Stenberg. And, let us hope we do not see his like again.

Stenberg was able to get the "R" by his name to carry him into office once, and he's been running the same trick on Nebraska voters ever since, each time trying to make the holy "R" - the only thing he's got to run on - look bolder and more pathetically obvious to voters. There's no length to which he won't go, no promise he won't make, in swearing eternal undying allegiance to his master, the "R".

Twice this tactic got him reelected as Attorney General. Twice it failed to get him elected to the U.S. Senate. Apparently, Nebraskans have higher expectations of our Senators than our lawyers. Thank God.

In 1996, Stenberg ran against Chuck Hagel as the most conservative of the conservatives. That didn't work. In 2000, he tried to run as "Chuck Hagel Jr." (seriously, his own words). That didn't work. Now, looking for a rematch with moderate Democratic Senator Ben Nelson, he's happily running as "Bush's Bitch," promising he can be a better unthinking, unquestioning stooge than anyone else who enters the race.

From the Lincoln Journal-Star:
Stenberg said he is not worried that the White House might lend tepid support to a Republican challenger to Nelson, who harvested public praise from Bush when the president spoke in Omaha in February.

"He is a man with whom I can work, a person who is willing to put partisanship aside to focus on what's right for America," Bush declared at a rally before more than 10,000 Nebraskans.

Nevertheless, Stenberg asked: "Does anyone really believe that in one of the most Republican states, the White House and the Republican Senate committee would give a free pass to a Democratic senator?" Stenberg said he would be "a Republican senator President Bush can work with even better."
Stenberg is shameless. There will be plenty more to come. Just watch as he does everything to associate himself with President Bush but take Bush's last name, and he's probably even considered that.

In the long history of unprincipled partisan hacks hoping to ride a party label as far as it will take him, this guy takes the cake. He's a coat-tail riding opportunist who wouldn't know the first thing about "doing what's right for America" because he's an empty vessel that has proven entirely unwilling and incapable of thinking for himself.

Now, Stenberg's stepping up to the plate with a full count just hoping and praying Nebraska voters will give him a walk because of the team he plays for. Let's make damn sure this is strike three rather than "third time's a charm," reting this insult to Nebraska's tradition of common sense independence once and for all.


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