Friday, April 29, 2005

Osborne Announcement - Place Your Bets

by Kyle Michaelis
The AP has news for all us common folk:
Tom Osborne will return to his roots Saturday to announce whether he will seek the governorship next year.

Osborne, the three-term 3rd District congressman and legendary Nebraska football coach, scheduled a 2 p.m. news conference at Hastings College to "share his intentions regarding his personal and political future."

A native of Hastings and graduate of Hastings College, Osborne chose the same site for his 2000 announcement that he would seek a seat in Congress.

Although he signaled interest in a possible gubernatorial bid some time ago, Osborne has said he also would consider the options of pursuing a fourth House term or returning to private life.
Well, this is a bit earlier for such an announcement than Osborne was suggesting a few weeks ago. Has his timeline been pushed forward by Gov. Heineman and Sen. Hagel and he feels the need to push back? Or, is he going to bow to pressure to clear the path for Heineman and put all this delegitimizing talk to rest?

Either way, people are going to read into Osborne's announcement a whole lot of intrigue that may or may not be a factor. I know I certainly will.

Plugging every known fact about the situation with all the right algorithmic equations into the old New Nebraska Numbers Cruncher gives us the following odds on Osborne's future plans:
4-1: Running for Governor in Republican Primary ("Bring it on!")

2000-3: Running for Governor as Independent ("I'll show the bastards!")

1-1: Running for another term in Third District ("Go team!")

1-2: Retiring from public office after current term ("This old dog...!")

10-1: Retiring from public office immediately ("Screw you guys, I'm going home!")

10000-.001:Challenging Chuck Hagel and Steve Pederson to a long-deserved duel to the death with Frank Solich as his second ("On guard!")
Place your bets. The numbers do not lie. And, for God's sake, stay tuned - all shall be revealed shortly...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot this one: "Running for Governor as a Republican but sounding like a Democrat on the issues."

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