Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bush Sinking Even In Nebraska

by Kyle Michaelis
Thanks to those glorious folks at DailyKos for linking to the latest SurveyUSA tracking poll showing the same as every other nationwide poll that the tide of public opinion has turned against President Bush. Bush's approval rating is pretty consistently abominable around 38-40%.

Now, SurveyUSA's state-by-state tracking shows this trend even working its way into Nebraska.

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In just four short months (that were surely very long months for the Republican Party as their record of incompetence and corruption began to catch-up with them), Nebraska voters have shifted a full 8 percentage points away from Bush, giving him a current approval-disapproval rating of 52% to 45%. In June, those numbers stood at 60-37%.

And with the continued scandals surrounding Vice-President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Senate GOP Leader Bill Frist, and Tom DeLay's entire House of Horrors (or is it whores?), the hits might just keep on coming. Right now, Nebraska is one of only seven states where more voters still approve of Bush's job performance than disapprove, and his numbers seem to be getting worse by the minute.

Neighboring South Dakota disapproves of Bush by a margin of 15%, while Iowa and Missouri have disapproval margins of 23% and 20%, respectively. All three of those states went for Bush in 2004 and are showing significant buyer's remorse that has to be scaring Republicans throughout the Midwest.

No wonder we have Republican candidates criticizing Bush. His numbers slip any more and it's going to be open season as the likes of Don Stenberg, Pete Ricketts, and perhaps even Nebraska's Congressional delegation start trying to distance themselves from the failed Bush agenda Americans have so completely rejected.


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