Thursday, October 13, 2005

Heineman Attacks Irresponsible Republican Congress

by Kyle Michaelis
As Congressman Tom Osborne continues to take digs at Governor Dave Heineman for his failure to push for a tax cut in the 2005 legislative session, Heieneman has chosen a defense that, frankly, it's pretty hard to argue against.

The Omaha World-Herald quotes:
[Heineman]...said Osborne has no credibility in criticizing him....

"With all due respect to the congressman, he's been part of a Congress that has given us runaway spending, pork-barrel spending and record deficits," said Heineman.

That's a pretty powerful condemnation of this Republican dominated Congress, not to mention - by implication - the man who has signed-off on all this insane spending and stomache-churning debt, President George W. Bush.

Give'em hell, Heineman! Restore fiscal discipline and responsibility in government. Listen to what the good governor says...the Republican Party can't be trusted with your money or this nation's future. Vote Democratic in 2006.


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