Thursday, November 03, 2005

Timid Trio Don't Want Answers on Iraq

by Kyle Michaelis
On what was pretty close to a straight party line vote, the ruling Republicans in the House of Representatives today rejected an attempt at actually getting to the bottom of the Bush Administration's manipulation of intelligence making the case for invasion of Iraq and their disastrous handling of the operation ever since.

AFP reports:
The Republican majority in the House of Representatives rejected a resolution calling for a "substantive" investigation into abuses before and during the Iraq war.

The resolution was proposed by Democrats who have used increasingly aggressive tactics in Congress to draw attention to President George W. Bush's record on the war.

Republicans in the House defeated the measure by 220 votes to 191.

The Democratic resolution had called for an investigation into "the manipulation of pre-war intelligence", the role of Vice President Dick Cheney into Iraq's reconstruction, the leaking of the name of a CIA agent and abuses against prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

Democrats accused the Republican leadership in Congress of failing in their oversight of the Republican administration.

It should come as little surprise that Nebraska's Represenatives Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, and Tom Osborne voted with their party to maintain the secrecy and silence that got the United States in this predicament in the first place.

What are they scared of? The American people, as every poll shows, have lost faith in this war effort and the people running it. Yet, rather than making a bipartisan effort to right the Administration's wrongs and address the peoples' concerns, our Timid Trio and all their Congressional cohorts have decided to do nothing.

For them, that's just "staying the course." They stay the course by not asking any questions, and the President stays the course by not providing any answers, let alone even setting a reasonable destination.

It's official - we are on the Road to Nowhere, and there's no end in sight - not to the death, not to the chaos - so long as the Republican Party, for all its truly un-American ideological idolatry, remains in charge.

Nothing scares the Republicans like a citizen with an honest question. That's precisely why we have to keep asking them. They really believe they can escape accountability by doing nothing, but the American people might just have something to say about that in 2006.


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