Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stenberg Update: A Profile in Arrogance

by Kyle Michaelis
Updating my previous post...in the name of fairness, Ed Howard at StatePaper.com put up a new column today that gets a little bit closer to the point about the ridiculousness of Don Stenberg's debate ultimatum.

Howard also manages to work in a worthy alternative perspective on Stenberg's actions that goes beyond the "what is he afraid of"-angle, further illustrating the extent of the former Attorney General's convoluted political machinations. Howard suggests that this is more than just defensive posturing and is more a case of Stenberg throwing around his weight. The only problem with this theory is that it imagines, as Howard puts it, that Stenberg is the solid frontrunner - "if anyone else wants to play with him, it will be according to his rules."

Now, I'm on record seriously questioning this proposition - and I've neither seen nor heard (from voters) any actual evidence to support Stenberg holding this position of preeminence.

Yet, Howard isn't alone in his assertion. It's quite clear from Stenberg's arrogance (both dictating terms and imagining himself beloved by the people) that he considers himself the frontrunner. Or, at least, that's the image he's trying to sell.

One must consider the possibility that, as in the school consolidation court cases he's attached himself to, Stenberg's every action at this point might well be an attempt at image control, cementing himself in a position of power with no basis in reality. His reported failure to gain any traction against his rivals in fund-raising makes this seem all the more likely because he needs every bit of free press that his arrogance can buy. In fact, it may be his only chance at survival.


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