Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hergert Dodges A Bullet; More on the Way

by Kyle Michaelis
Public pressure isn't letting up on the Univeristy of Nebraska's degnerate Regent David Hergert. In fact, what probably seemed at first a victory for Hergert when a District Court judge dismissed the Grand Jury that had been called to investigate his possible indictment has instead resulted in public outcry at the judge's uncalled-for over-extension of the Nebraska Accountability & Disclosure Commission's administrative decisions to the state's entire justice system.

The question: should a politically-unaccountable government agency really have the ability to trade total immunity for crimes conducted during a campaign in exchange for a one-time fine? The answer: no chance in hell!

Both the Omaha World-Herald and the Lincoln Journal-Star have denounced the judge's decision and conduct. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jon Bruning is largely spoken of as if riding a white horse for his challenging the judge and apparently fighting for the right to do the job to which he was elected and bring Hergert to justice.

So, one bullet dodged - plenty more on the way...especially as the Nebraska Legistlature continues in its preparations to possibly initiate impeachment proceedings against Hergert. It's looking more and more like Hergert had better have moves like Neo in "the Matrix" movies if he's to have any hope of surviving this (the survival of his dignity and reputation are already out of the question).

I'm not willing to declare Bruning the state's knight in shining armor - he's just doing his job - but I do appreciate his tenacity in an effort in which a mere partisan (think Don Stenberg) would probably have let things slide.

For the latest in this increasingly ridiculous charade being perpetuated by Hergert's stubborn refusal to do what is right for the people of Nebraska by resigning, I again direct readers to the Huskers Against Hergert website, a fine group of UNL students (and, dare I say, Nebraskan patriots) who ask only that the same standards preventing them from cheating in the classroom be expected of those leading the university system.


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