Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hagel Endorses Democratic Gains?

by Kyle Michaelis
That's what it certainly sounds like to me.

The Omaha World-Herald reports from one of Senator Chuck Hagel's New Hampshire speaking events:
A caller from Keene, N.H., upset about federal spending, accused Republicans of "acting like drunken sailors."

Hagel agreed, saying the GOP could be "judged harshly" in this fall's elections - "and should be."

Either Hagel is just one damn principled politician, or he's come pretty much to the same conclusion as myself that only a total 2006 disaster for the Republican Party could provide a spark for his Presidential bid.

Lucky for both of us, he might get just that. But, I'm not counting on it at this point - way too early.

And, as for Hagel, it doesn't sound like he's the only would-be Republican President who might be counting on catastrophe. Time Magazine reports:
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who masterminded the 1994 elections that brought Republicans to power on promises of revolutionizing the way Washington is run, told Time that his party has so bungled the job of governing that the best campaign slogan for Democrats today could be boiled down to just two words: "Had enough?"

Hmmm....Chuck Hagel, Newt Gingrich, and me. If being the company you keep extends to political observations, I suddenly don't feel quite so good about myself.

Still, when Hagel's right, he's right. Both Lee Terry and Jeff Fortenberry should be judged very harshly by the voters of Nebraska.


Blogger Charlie said...

I think Senator Hagel was more expressing what he thought could well happen rather than what he would like to have happen. His political action committee has given tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans this election cycle, so I doubt that he actually wants Republicans to lose in November.

Here is similar statement by Chuck Hagel about the current state of affairs:
"The Democrats keep blowing every opportunity we give them. And I've told my Democratic friends, if nothing else, just keep your mouths shut and let us self-destruct. But they won't even let us do that."


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