Wednesday, April 19, 2006

3rd Drafts A Charm - World-Herald Attempts Balance

by Kyle Michaelis
After numerous articles covering Republican gubernatorial candidates' responses to LB 1024 without making any mention of Democrat David Hahn's position, I should probably be content that he finally got a sentence in today's Omaha World-Herald.

Of course, it's important to note that two previous drafts of this same article ran on the World-Herald's website yesterday continuing to leave Hahn silenced on this issue. And, even now, the article makes no mention that Hahn announced he would have vetoed this legislation days before Osborne did.

Here's the generous mention Hahn did finally receive today:
Two candidates, Republican Tom Osborne and Democrat David Hahn, said they would have vetoed Legislative Bill 1024, which includes a provision to replace the Omaha Public Schools with three districts that would contain areas that are racially identifiable.....

Hahn, the Democratic candidate, said LB 1024 is unconstitutional and should have been vetoed. He promised to issue a plan of his own after next month's primary election.

For whatever reason, fringe candidate Dave Nabity continued to be more prominently featured than Hahn. Still, beggars can't be choosers, and Nebraska Democrats are most certainly beggars wherever the World-Herald is concerned.

Take what we can get? For now. Shut my mouth and be thankful for the table scraps of coverage they give us? Not bloody likely - not so long as Nebraska voters continue to get only half the story, and we have to fight so hard even just for that.


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