Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Degenerate Regent Must Go!

by Kyle Michaelis

Endgame. In mere hours, the state legislature will begin debate on finally bringing University of Nebraska Regent Dave Hergert's disgusting display of disregard for the public welfare and the rule of law to a close.

An admitted cheater (and possible felon...if Attorney General Jon Bruning is to be believed) has no place safe-guarding an institution so important to this state as the University of Nebraska. He has lied. He has shifted blame. He has spent the better part of the last year avoiding the press. He has hidden behind lawyers rather than taking responsibility for his actions.

Dave Hergert has proven himself - at every fork in the road - totally unfit for office, and the state legislature should do everything in its power, even if that means testing the limits of that power before the Nebraska Supreme Court, to remove his distracting and disgraceful presence from the Board of Regents.

I hope the good people at Huskers Against Hergert don't mind my lifting their beautiful banner above. The HAH website has a rundown of how all 49 state senators are expected to vote. They have a list of 20 reliable votes FOR impeachment, with a list of 20 more Senators considered "undecided." Contact information is provided. Please reach out to these Senators and remind them that breaking the law must have consequences. Hergert's actions were intentional, deliberate, and dishonorable.

I say, "Impeach the bastard!"


Anonymous Dale Gribble said...

Hergert should advocate tuition giveaways for illegal aliens, killing babies and human cloning, then he be your hero ala Drew Miller, soap boy


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