Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dave Nabity's "New Nebraska"

by Kyle Michaelis

Just who does this guy think he is? On his billboards, in the news, and now even in this above bit of Internet advertising from the World-Herald's website, Dave Nabity has stolen the name and the theme of this site, perverting it to serve his ludicrous political agenda.

Dave Nabity may well be fighting for a "new Nebraska" but I can assure you that it is not a better Nebraska. Trying to pass himself off as a man of vision and principle, Nabity has instead run a purely reactionary campaign for governor built on false promises and empty platitudes.

The fact that Nabity has been shown the respect that he has by opposing candidates Tom Osborne and Dave Heineman, who should have denounced his shameless and irresponsible demonstration of hyper-partisan extremism from the get-go, does not speak to either man's credit. Instead of leading on principle and challenging Nabity's pandering to the anti-government base of the Republican Party, Osborne and Heineman have actually embraced much of his rhetoric in their respective quests for votes. How very, very sad for this state and for all true Nebraska conservatives who believe in responsible government and keeping faith with future generations just as much as lowering taxes.

Most unsettling is the fact that Nabity is so totally out-of-touch with Nebraska's history and its values. He has frequently stated his admiration for the highly unpopular and borderline incompetent former Republican Governor Kay Orr (who coincidentally endorsed his campaign), denouncing every other governor this state has had for the last 50 years as men without vision because they weren't sufficiently extremist to match his ideological zealotry.

Nothing, however, could be more insulting to Nebraska voters than Nabity's revelation in today's Omaha World-Herald profile that two of the Republicans he admires most are Newt Gingrich and Lee Atwater. These were two hatchet men who built their careers by destroying others' reputations and by manipulating voters with the worst and most shameless scare-tactics imaginable. That Nabity would dare rally behind Atwater, a disgrace to his party who dragged American politics to new lows before begging forgiveness of those whom he'd sinned against in the final months of his life, calls into question not only Nabity's judgment but his personal character as well.

Nabity can talk about his "new Nebraska" all he wants, but the New Nebraska Network will have nothing to do with it. The new Nebraska for which this site struggles was envisioned long before Dave Nabity adopted the phrase. And, it will survive and thrive long after Nabity's campaign for governor has come to an end (30 days and counting).

The vision of a true "new Nebraska" is not confined to this site and certainly did not start with its author. It has existed in the hearts of Nebraska progressives for generations, and it will continue therein so long as decency, brotherhood, and compassion remain integral to this state's character.

The Nabity's, the Stenberg's - their sort will come and go, setting up roadblocks and hurdles along the way. But progress will only be delayed, not defeated. They can have their Lee Atwaters and their Newt Gingriches. They will need them because the truth is on our side, and the future is ours.


Blogger allovertheplace said...

I thought that those billboards were advertising a new Horror flick about the demise of Nebraska if Nabity is elected (which won't happen)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, a wee bit over the top there. For all of that invective, I don't see one ounce of constructive crticism. Instead of badmouthing someone for no apparent reason, why don't you give some specific examples of why you disagree with his policies and what you would do instead.

Or could it be that you really don't have a good reason for liking a man who is pursuing a vision of a "New Nebraska" just as you are!

Anonymous Jason said...

Gonna have to agree - Nabity is my pick for a leader. He speaks to the heart of nebraskans; which have been getting pushed around by big government/big corporations agenda long enough.

Anonymous Ben Brophy said...

First of all Nabity has the best views, yes I know he was never a Nebraska football coach and was never lieutenant governor but the guy has some good views. Tell me this, since we are an agricultural state and all, would it be wise to take acres out of production with Osborns CREP program or with Heineman buying the Bostwick irrigation district taking even more acres out of production. Lets take acres out of production to potentially come into compliance with the 3 state water compact OR we could engage in water transfers. Even though water transfers will cost money we will be paying Nebraska farmers and other misc. Nebraska companies to make water transfers happen. Mark Christensen a key contender for the 44th Legislative district race told me that one dollar changes hands seven times before it is no longer in circulation in the area. So my point is we can keep all acres in production and pay Nebraskans to come into compiance or we can break farmers in one of the Nations biggest ag state and pay Kansas to become into compliance. You decide.


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