Friday, June 16, 2006

Conservative Change VS. Nebraska Values

by Kyle Michaelis
Today may as well be election day because, in the 2006 U.S. Senate race, the entire contest has pretty much been laid out on the table for us. There will not be a more clear or more honest picture of the race than the one that stands before us this week with the release of both candidates' latest campaign advertisements.

Our choice is clear: Pete Ricketts or Ben Nelson?

One candidate runs on fear. The other candidate runs on his record.

One candidate talks about Nebraska values. The other candidate has lived and voted Nebraska values.

One candidate thinks the people of Nebraska want a rubber stamp. The other candidate thinks Nebraskans deserve a leader.

Remember these ads. Listen to them carefully and know them by heart. The choice could not be more plain. We have seen the roads these men walk. Here, they have defined themselves - declaring who they are and for what they truly stand.

We know what we need to know. From here on out, it's going to be variations on a theme: Pete Ricketts, the Republican, or Ben Nelson, the Nebraskan?

Do you want a Republican or do you want a Representative? Choose now. Choose wisely. Then, be ready to fight like hell so the better man runs the better campaign and is able to bring out the very best in the people of this state come election day.


Anonymous anonymous 2 said...

Kyle, great framing...Nebraskans have choice between voting for Ricketts the Republican or Nelson the Nebraskan.


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