Thursday, June 29, 2006

David Hahn: In His Own Words

by Kyle Michaelis
An Exclusive Club: Hahn Shakes Hands With Sen. Barack Obama, the only other subject of his very own NNN Interview
Nebraska's 2006 Democratic candidate for Governor, David Hahn, graciously gave the New Nebraska Network an hour of his time on Wednesday, June 14th. This humble blogger apologizes for the delay in presenting the following material, all of which should still be timely and relevant in this important election year.

Less an interview than an opportunity for Hahn to expand on many of the themes on which he's campaigned, I nevertheless hope you find this four-part glimpse into Hahn's mind at this critical juncture in Nebraska history at least somewhat as intriguing and entertaining as I did in its recording.


Part 1: An Affable Fella'

Part 2: 'Fear and Trembling' on the Campaign Trail
Part 3: "Give'em Hell" Hahn?
Part 4: Reality Bites


Anonymous Ryan Anderson said...

Wow. Thank you Kyle, for this interview, and thank you David Hahn for your candidacy in what is quickly becoming a crucial race to determine the future of our great state. Hahn, keep doing what you're doing, baby. Your campaign is going *exactly* what it needs to do in order to pull off what would be a massive upset. It's an uphill climb, no doubt, but Hahn seems to understand politics so instinctively, he seems to just feel that he needs to take risks and go out on a limb if he's ever going to have a fighting chance of taking down the Johanns machine.

Let me tell you, with three terrific Congressional candidates right here at home and plenty of other exciting Congressional and Senate races happening all over the country, I really didn't even *want* to worry about the gubernatorial race this year. I wanted to just write it off because Heinemen's so popular, the Johanns machine is so strong and the party wasn't able to recruit any big names or experienced pols to tackle the giant.

David Hahn has made me care about this campaign. David hahn has made me a believer

And for that, I can't thank him enough.

Anonymous JFin Ne said...

Great interview - very informative. But I have to ask? Where is he getting "good press?" Heineman is all over the OWH and LJS and as far as I can tell, Hahn does not exist. He has to start issuing policy statements or do something that will get him noticed by the press.

Anonymous Ryan Anderspm said...

Hahn has been issuing policy statements, check out his website. And did you catch the recent LJS article about how "Hahn says leadership's an issue"?

Anonymous JFinNe said...

Yes I did see the article. But, I shouldn't have to go to his website to read about his issue statements. My daughter, 30ish, politically savvy, reads the LJS, when asked if she knew who the Dem. candidate for Gov. said she had no idea. Telling some one who doean't know how to spell a word to look it up in the dictionary is the same as telling some one asking who's the candidate to look it up on his website.

My point being he has to start doing or saying things of interest that the paper will want to print.

Maybe he could ask for Cheny's 25 minutes of prime time on TV for free?

Anonymous Ryan Anderson said...

"Yes I did see the article. But, I shouldn't have to go to his website to read about his issue statements. "

I agree, the media should be doing a better job of covering Hahn's impressive agenda. But I was responding to your complaint that "He has to start issuing policy statements or do something that will get him noticed by the press." It seems to me that that's what he's already doing, and he has gotten some pretty good ink. Granted, not as much as perhaps he should be getting, considering just how many issues he's taken on already. But we're still months away from when the general public usually begins to take some interest in the campaign, and of course an incumbent governor is going to get more press than his little known challenger.

Come on, you can't tell me that there's nothing in his message that isn't "of interest" or worth printing in the paper. When have we ever had a general election candidate in this state come out in favor of abortion, against a ban on gay marraige and in opposition to meaningless "tax relief"? Hahn has been taking some big risks that are sure to get some notice once the campaign really kicks into high gear.


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