Monday, June 26, 2006

Hometown (Democratic) Girl Makes Good

by Kyle Michaelis
Two weeks ago, the Nebraska Democratic Party received some very positive national attention courtesy of USA Today. Holding-up Nebraska as a true test-case of the DNCs much-ballyhooed "50 State Strategy," the article specifically used the county convention of the Dodge County Democrats in Fremont to set the scene and lay-out the stakes for both our state and nation.

As an aside that may be of interest to readers, when that article received additional attention from the progressive online community at DailyKos, there was this very sweet and appreciative note left in the comments by a Democratic Congressional candidate in Washington state who has recently attracted a fair amount of attention in her own right. The comment reads:
When I began running for Congress, I returned to the town where my parents live to do a fundraiser and a couple of media events. The local paper (the Fremont Tribune) and the local radio station (KHUB) both covered my candidacy, and the local Democrats and many friends of mine showed up and gave me money and encouragement, providing me with the warm encouragement I needed at that stage.

The town in question was Fremont, Nebraska -- the same town mentioned in this article....

Out of small, midwestern towns come good things.

--Darcy Burner, one of your Netroots endorsed candidates, doing my best to win WA-08

The New Nebraska Network wishes Mrs. Burner the best of luck this November. From her website and her proven ability to rally support nationwide, it appears she's ready for the fight ahead and has a real shot at victory.

So, in a perfect world, Fremont will be laying claim to a Congresswoman in 2006 as consolation for its loss of Nebraska's governorship (Dave Heineman is a former City Councilman). Sounds like a fair trade-off to me - one serving the best interests of all involved. Wouldn't you agree?

Heck, Maxine Moul beats Jeff Fortenberry and Nebraska's First District will be gaining two representatives out of the deal. Ahhh, just think of the possibilities....


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