Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who's Lying Here??? Petition Reports Don't Add Up

by Kyle Michaelis
Following up on a day's worth of investigating those responsible for the state spending lid petition effort:
Post #1: Ugly Business Afoot
Post #2: The Montana Connection

Taking the long road to get to the real story, the latest legally-required report to the Nebraska Accountability & Disclosure Commission (as a “major out-of-state contributor” of >$10,000) by the mysterious Montana-based America At It's Best reveals expenditures to both Stop Over Spending Nebraska and the Nebraskans for Humane Care Committee (NHCC) of almost twice the amount those organizations claimed on their own reports.

Notice that SOS Nebraska claims, as of 6/25/2006, to have received a total of $380,000 from its Illinois benefactors (by way of The Montana Connection). America At Its Best, however, reports contributions of $620,000 to SOS Nebraska as of 6/05/2006 - 3 weeks earlier.

Hmmm. Since America At Its Best has received almost $2.6 million from Americans for Limited Government this calendar year, maybe that extra $240,000 just slipped through the cracks somewhere. But, either way, this doesn't add up.

And there's an even greater discrepancy between the reported America At Its Best contribution to the NHCC. As of June 5th, America At Its Best reports having contributed $605,000, yet - as of June 25th - the NHCC reports having only received $355,000.

Where the hell did that quarter of a million dollars go?

This stinks. This stinks to high heaven. I can imagine any number of excuses for these discrepancies (clerical error, processing delays, negligent filing), but there's absolutely no justification for them. Wake up, people. I might be going on a bit of a limb, but in just a few hours of digging, I've found plenty of damn reason to start challenging these money-funneling operations posing as Nebraska grassroots political actions.

Wake up, Nebraska. This is what we're up against. We may not know exactly what they're up to or why, but we can be damn sure they'll do whatever it takes to achieve their ends. As Mike Groene of SOS Nebraska ominously told the Lincoln Journal-Star last week:
“We didn’t get into this not to be successful — let’s put it that way.”

With the evidence before us, we should take him at his word. And, we should take it as a warning.


Anonymous pax said...

I am impressed by what you have turned up in a very short time. It definitely reeks. GREAT WORK!

Anonymous nepolwatcher said...

Kyle have you thought of asking the NE Attorney General to investigate? Isnt that what he's there for - to protect the public?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nepolwatcher: get real, Bruning's a Republican remember? Best not to dig too deeply where there might be ties to campaigns other than the SOS and Humane Care.


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