Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pete Ricketts Campaign Shake-Up

by Kyle Michaelis
It's never a good sign for a candidate to replace his campaign manager in the middle of the campaign. It's an even worse sign when a candidate brings in Jessica Moenning, the Wicked Witch of the Nebraska Republican Party, to run the show. Well, well, well, look what the Pete Ricketts campaign tried to bury over the July 4th holiday under the cover of stories about patriotic parades and apartment complexes burning down:
Former Nebraska GOP Executive Director Jessica Moenning on Monday was named campaign manager for the general election for Republican U.S. Senate nominee Pete Ricketts.

Moenning ran the successful campaign of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry in 2004 and served as executive director of the Nebraska Republican Party until June. She has been working with the Ricketts campaign for the past several weeks as a general campaign consultant.

Pat Fiske, who guided Ricketts' campaign through the primary, will continue to provide counsel to the campaign, Ricketts spokeswoman Trisha Meuret said.

Moenning majored in English and philosophy at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and had been an assistant to former Attorney General Don Stenberg.

In all honesty, Moenning might be a very sweet girl, but her politics are vicious, conniving, and driven by an ends-justify-the-means, hyper-partisan zealotry that threatens to kill Nebraska's tradition of electing representatives with independence and common sense.

My God, this is the woman who called Scott Kleeb a carpet-bagger, although his family has roots in Nebraska going back generations, after making her name in Republican politics with Louisiana's own Jeff Fortenberry. She also just launched into a laughable attack on Ben Nelson using President Bush's praise of him in a campaign advertisement, asserting that Bush didn't really mean what he said and only wanted Nelson's support on Social Security reform.

This woman fancies herself the Karl Rove of the Nebraska Republican Party and what's so sad is that, career-wise, it seems to be working out for her. There's no tactic too low and no spin too unprincipled in service to her candidates.

We thought things had gotten stupid and ugly already in this Senate race. HA! This is just further proof that we've got a long ways to sink in this one, and Ricketts just pulled out a grade A, industrial strength jackhammer to get the job done.

For a great illustration of the Ricketts campaign strategy with Moenning newly at the helm, see the work of Lincoln Journal-Star cartoonist Neal Obermeyer at

And, for a peek into the diseased and cyncial worldview of Jessica Moenning (when she went by the name Flanagain), see her declaration of war against Nebraska's non-partisan tradition, an almost decade-long battle that she is now fighting on behalf of the Ricketts campaign to make sure our political landscape here in Nebraska becomes every bit the wasteland it has in the rest of the country.


Anonymous BlueMonkey said...

Oh my, after reading the witch's screed about partisanship, one has to assume she is as adept at speaking out of both sides of her mouth as any seasonsed veteran.

She and Petey deserve each other.

I'm prepared to watch no television that airs political ads until the election. Late night Comedy Central, MLB Extra Innings and pay movie channels preserve me.


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