Thursday, June 29, 2006

All that matters....

by Kyle Michaelis
For the second time this month, Nebraska lost two of its own on the same day to the chaos and bloodshed of Iraq. That's four young men whose lives have been sacrificed in the name of freedom. Marine Lance Cpl. Brent Zoucha of Clarks and Army Reserves Spc. Benjamin Slaven of Plymouth were killed in separate roadside bombings on June 9th. Both men were younger than myself by a number of years.

This Tuesday, Army Sergeant 1st Class Terry Wallace of Bellevue and Army Spc. Jeremy Jones of Omaha were killed by roadside bombings as well. Between Wallace and Jones, seven Nebraska children are now without their fathers.

I won't comment further. Let your own heart decide what these families' grief and, yes, pride mean to you. But, please, keep these young men, their families, and especially those seven children in your thoughts and prayers.

The moment politics starts to overshadow real people with real lives who face real concerns and - all too often - real tragedies, we have lost our way. I am sorry that it takes so much loss - and a moment of pure sorrow for the plight of those seven children - to force a much-needed reminder of that fact.


Anonymous BlueMonkey said...

This is exactly why all of the chest-pounding and flag-waving going on in the senate and house are beginning to sicken many that previously were apathetic or supportive of "the war."

I thank my lucky stars that my husband was discharged a few years after the first gulf war and is not caught up in this insanity. My children have him around to coach their teams and take them to ball games and tuck them in at night.

This war is tearing so many families apart, through death or injury or mental trauma. And for what? We are losing so many good people because of the hubris of a few. I love my country, but there are times I really hate what befalls her citizens in her name.

God bless and take care of all those in harms way and all those who love them.


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