Friday, September 22, 2006

A Good Day for Pete Ricketts?

by Kyle Michaelis
Okay, so Pete Ricketts' Senate campaign isn't going so well. But, he has two reasons to be cheerful on this very special day:

1. Answering a Valentine from campaign manager Jessica Moenning (see above), Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove is in Omaha tonight speaking at a $500/plate fundraising dinner on Ricketts' behalf.

Of course, the real appeal to this event is not the speech or the money; it's the opportunity to get some advice on how to attack Sen. Ben Nelson over the last 6 weeks of the campaign from one of the dirtiest and most shameless political operatives this country has ever seen.

Despite Moenning's best efforts, none of the negativity we've seen over the last 3 months has managed to break Nebraska's bonds of faith, respect, and trust in Nelson. Obviously, there are new depths to be plummeted, and who better than the unscrupulous and indecent Rove to show them how? Have your notebooks out, children. Let's see what kind of dirty tricks "the master" has in store for us from his ever-ready roadmap of the low road.

2. Even if the Moenning/Rove imaginary braintrust fails to come up with a plan to destroy Nelson, the only chance for victory Ricketts has since his campaign is wholly without a message or a vision of its own, there is still this little bit of happy news to brighten Ricketts' day:

You are still SUPER RICH!!!

Yup, Joe Ricketts and family were listed yesterday as the 133rd richest Americans in the country by Forbes Magazine, with an estimated fortune of $2.3 billion. With daddy having that much money, Pete can pretty much afford to do whatever he likes - hell, he could afford enough campaign advertising to bombard and annoy the hell out of the people of Nebraska as he has over the last 11 months for the next 200 years.

$10 million, $12 million...that's just a drop in the bucket. Hardly worth crying over if he loses in November. If anything, Pete hasn't been thinking big enough. Maybe he should run for President! After all, when you're as rich as Ricketts there's only one overriding question - why the hell not?

Sure, he might not be able to buy the votes and fool the people of Nebraska, but maybe he'll have more luck nationwide. Hey, it worked for Lex Luthor.


Blogger phat said...

This has been a fun day in Nebraska politics.

That Forbes article couldn't be better timed. The news that Kleeb is within the margin of error in a poll is good to see, too.


Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

So a candidate cannot have money (you forget that Nelson is the wealthiest in the delegation right now) and Kleeb produced a poll contradicting his 26-point deficit?

What, did Prom King Kleeb's poll have a thirty-point margin of error?

If that's a good day for Ds, it's obvious you're still down and out.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

Margin of error of +/- 4.9%.

Adrian Smith (R) – 51%
Scott Kleeb (D) – 24%
Undecided – 24%

Name Recognition / Favorable / Unfavorable
Adrian Smith – 74% / 36% / 13%
Scott Kleeb – 47% / 18% / 5%

“Regardless of which candidate you are voting for, which political party would you prefer see control the United States House of Representatives?”

Republican – 58%
Democrat – 30%

Blogger Werner Herzog's Bear said...

Poll numbers aside, Ricketts, Terry, and Smith are all a bunch of unimaginative reactionaries. Without his family's wealth, Ricketts would be a nobody, and Smith is a shill for the Club for Growth. I doubt that even their supporters have any real enthusiasm for them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bulldog - Nelson may be rich but he doesn't need to spend his own money on campaigning because PEOPLE LIKE HIM. That's the difference.

By the way, why don't you go update your own blog and leave us normal folk alone.

Blogger Dave said...

Bulldog, given the Republicans tendency to "push poll" I wouldn't trust the Public Opinion Strategies poll very much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kleeb's poll had a margin of error of +/-4.87%. 405 sampled.

Likely voters: 40 Smith, 31 Kleeb
Definite voters: 41 Smith, 37 Kleeb

Unfortunately for you "dog", it seems Mr. Kleeb is taking a dump in your doggie dish...

Blogger Dave said...

Rothenberg tried to poke holes in the poll by saying it had far too many undecideds for this late in the race, but the Smith campaign's poll has 25% undecided as well.

I am a little curious, though: I've never seen a distinction between "likely" and "definite" voters in a poll before. But Kleeb's number going up when you change from "likely" to "definite" suggests to me that Kleeb has more solid support than Smith.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The support for Ricketts is not very strong. Hell, I've heard of staffers for him saying that they are going to vote for Nelson.

That doesn't surprise me in the least.

How anyone could really like Ricketts is beyond me.

As to Kleeb and Smith, well certainly Kleeb has an uphill battle. But he's closing fast. And with all the Republicans out in the the 3rd who really like the USDA, well, a vote for the Club for Growth seems a bit of a problem.

But that would be a realistic position to hold.

I'm not holding my breath to see if daily bulldog catches a glimpse of reality. It's a shame, really. I'm not one for pity, much, but sometimes. It's a pity the bulldogs of this state are willing to allow the family farmers to take it in the shorts even more.

I'm thinking bulldog doesn't much care about family farmers. Certainly Smith doesn't.

Blogger Don Kuhns said...

I think Rove may have swung by to personally deliver a littlecare package to Mr. Clean.


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