Sunday, September 10, 2006

Question of the Day

by Kyle Michaelis
Considering that Pete Ricketts is disliked by more than half the registered voters in this state, why the hell is he polling them on their feelings about Sen. Chuck Hagel? Shouldn't Ricketts be more worried about why voters think he's such a putz rather than whether or not they have a favorable opinion of Hagel?

Seriously, this doesn't make a damn bit of sense. Whether Ricketts casts himself as Chuck Hagel's shadow or the Anti-Hagel, he's still going to be Pete Ricketts - a man Nebraskans don't trust, don't respect, and won't support on Election Day.


Anonymous JFinNE said...

I think he is a bit like GHWB. He lacks the "vision thing."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Pete's polling Nebraskans about Hagel because he can't decide if he likes Hagel or not.

Blogger Dave said...

The Omaha World Herald seems to be writing about "lawyers" lately...

Anonymous Tom said...

Because Ricketts is really running against Hagel and not Nelson. He's trying to decide if he should run against Hagel even if Chucky decides not to run for President


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